Fly-in-Cinema-Texel 20 mei 2023

20 mei 2023

Unieke Fly-in Cinema! Kijk zaterdag 20 mei 2023 vanuit je vliegtuig naar de film “Top Gun: Maverick” (onder voorbehoud). Na afloop slaap je ‘onder de vleugel’.
Registreren graag via deze link.

Movie: Top Gun: Maverick (with reservation) (after 22.00 local time)
Tickets: € 15,00 per person (pay at the desk of Outdoor Cinema)
Landing fees: € 25,00 per aircraft
Camping: € 5,00 per person per night
Breakfastbox: € 10,00 per box (pay an pick up at De Vlijt from 08.00 hrs)
Dinner Saturday: American Style Hamburger (via De Vlijt) until 20.00 hrs.
The prices are reserved from changes.

Flying procedures
During the fly-in on Saturday the following “fly-in” procedures are active:
* Maintain a minimum altitude of 1.500 feet over the island
* Avoid nature reserves and populated areas as much as possible.

Camping rules
– No waist at the airfield
– No noise during night hours
– Be careful in the dark around parked airplanes
– Smoking and open fire are not allowed